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Music Scene

Welcome to Salem33, taking over for Salem Weekly Music. We dedicate these efforts to the artists of Salem, Oregon. Let us know what you think.

Anyone want to say a few words?

"The music scene here has become a kind of home away from home for me. Whether it’s playing live music for a crowd, spinning local records on the radio, or attending concerts of local artists I want to support, I feel welcome and involved. All of those things are important for a healthy music community. Without people supporting each other there is no scene."
Mick Hickman
Musician/Radio Host
"I feel really supported as a musician in Salem! All the local venues are kind and accommodating. It encourages me to keep playing and keep going out to shows. I like how small it is because I feel like I've gotten to know a lot of cool people and I love seeing other musicians at the same shows...I think the scene is definitely on the up and up.
Katy Ohsiek
"There's no doubt that Salem has a music scene. It doesn't particularly have a focused identity or sound; the music is all over the map, for good or for ill...There's been some fluctuations throughout the years, but this is mostly true...The Salem music scene, warts and all, is my main conduit for community and friendships; I go out weekly to see bands or to perform myself. I don't know what I'd do without it."
Joshua Blanchard
"Salem’s music scene has done the obvious of giving me tons of entertainment, a creative outlet, and many opportunities to perform. I think most importantly it’s become my community and a place where I feel I fit in and belong. I’ve met amazing people and the best of friends through the Salem music scene and because of that, this place is really special to me."
Kaylee Bonatakis
"I think the Salem music scene is thriving. I have been involved in it for over 20 years and can easily say that it is the most active that I have ever seen it. New venues, bands and artists are constantly emerging. I personally think Salem is slowly becoming a musical hot bed and would not be at all surprised to see it grow in prominence over the coming years. I think Salem is a very special place and I am happy to be here."
Jon Fro
"I think our scene is vast and diverse and hidden and rad and terrible and amazing. There are so many opportunities to grow by seeing people you’ve never met pour their soul out to you with sound, or buy merch from a band honing their marketing and business strategy down. I think it’s exactly what you make it. A choose your own adventure. I’ve seen shows and played shows here in Salem that have changed me, and changed my life. The friends I’ve made through this adventure will continue to have my undying support. Here, everyone’s got a shot to show their heart or their skill in their own unique way. It’s home."
JP McDonald

Cover Photo by Dee Moore of Camera Obscura Images

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