SUPERCHURCH, Nasalrod and City of Pieces

Portland’s Nasalrod returns to Salem after completing a five state, 12 date tour. This will be their second performance in the capital city, and you do not want to miss them this time. Nasalrod’s music is not easy to categorize, and really, why would you want to? They are a spastic yet disciplined mash up of punk, jazz, metal, pop, rock, art-core. What is art-core? Come to the show and find out. Any genre or descriptors fail to communicate the musical frenzy they bring to the stage. They must be seen to understand why they are such a crazy delight to watch and listen to.

While you’re watching front man Jeffrey “Chairman” Couch jump kick, snarl and pound his head, you might start to think the man might be completely off his rocker. But then he’ll turn and give you a reassuring smirk that lets you know, he’s going to be ok – everything is going to be ok. Justin Stimson (aka Mustin Douch) puts on a show of his own, swirling and shredding on his pepto-pink guitar. It’s baffling how he can spaz out like that and never miss a note – but he does it. Mandy Morgan holds it down on a bass guitar as big as she is. Don’t let her sweet smile fool you, she’s a monster on that bass. To people who are not familiar with the legendary L.A. based hardcore punk band FEAR, Nasalrod’s drummer is Tim Leitch. For those of you who DO know about FEAR, Nasalrod’s drummer is none other than FEAR’s founding member SPIT STIX. Yeah, I know. Pretty cool. Google FEAR’s 1981 performance on Saturday Night Live, some time. You’re welcome.

Also on the bill is Salem’s own SUPERCHURCH and City of Pieces. I haven’t been able to get SUPERCHURCH’s song Yarmouth Castle out of my head all week. Poppy and passionate with great lead vocals by Derek Vaslev.  City of Pieces brings you danceable punky tunes led by Salem’s own bicycle avenger David Fox. This is going to be a fantastic show and it’s FREE.

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