What Would Superchurch Do?

Remember me telling you how I was out of the Salem music scene for a while to be a mom? Well, one of the first bands I heard upon my return was Superchurch. I had already met drummer, Trask Schulte, who was playing guitar and singing in another Salem band, Years (now Paste.) I loved Years (Paste) and was excited to see Trask’s other project, Superchurch. They were playing The Triangle with now defunct Allies From Nowhere, and I recall talking with Trask and singer/guitarist Derek Vaslev on the back porch. I didn’t know what to expect – Vaslev didn’t “seem” like the music type, whatever that means. Means it’s stupid to judge, pretty much.

They took the stage with capable bassist, Jordan Dent, and proceeded to instantly win me over as a Superfan, (see what I did there?) I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it right now: Derek Vaslev has one of my favorite voices in Salem. The whole band satisfies. Schulte’s style on drums is his own and fun to watch. He seems almost languid and sometimes it seems like he’s not going to make it – but he always nails it. His drumming adds a  complimentary looseness (not sloppy) to the punchy bass and catchy riffs of Dent and Vaslev. Their songs are melodic and memorable. In fact, “Innocent Bystander” is one of my favorites. The guitar hook stays with me for days and this song also demonstrates their understanding of creating space within a song. Let it break. Let it sink in. Now that song’s stuck in my head again. There are definitely worse things.

All three are locals – sons of Salem. Superchurch started with just Vaslev and Dent as a duo, but they had their eye out for a drummer. Dent saw Schulte drumming for Brette and Blake, and thought he would be a perfect addition. Vaslev wasn’t so sure. It’s ok. They’re all good buddies now, but when I asked Derek what the hesitation was, he said, “I didn’t like the way he looked.” Which is funny, because remember what I thought about him at The Triangle? Whatever. I’m glad they figured it out because they’re one of my favorite local bands. They’ve been known to rock socks right off. And, they’re superfun to hang out with.

Superchurch has one EP out, their 2015 release “Drown,” available on Bandcamp, and they’re currently working on a follow-up due out in the Spring of next year. They’re recording with the ever capable sound engineer, Stan Keightley at his studio, Vegetative State. So, there’s that.

They’ll be playing the IKE Box on Friday, November 4th with Adieu Caribou and Kylie Burbank (!) You know how I love me some Kylie. Basement/Indie rock Adieu Caribou is very close to completing their next EP. Stay tuned for that. This is going to be a great show in the picturesque (and former mortuary – did you know that?) IKE Box. It’s an all ages show, which are in short supply these days and always bring an energetic and welcome change of pace to shows. So, yeah. Bring the whole fam, fam.

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