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Salem’s rock music scene has always been, how shall I put it, a bit scrappy. While there are certainly exceptions, Our bands often play intentionally raw riffs on beat up old equipment, wearing ragged jeans and chugging Pabst blue ribbon like it was nectar of the Gods. Folks often don’t want to look they’re trying too hard or attempting to be successful. It’s the well worn look of classic Northwest musician culture. I’m certainly not saying that this is a bad thing; I consider bands like The Stooges or Joy Division to be the apex of what rock and roll has to offer, and no one would ever accuse either of being overly technical or self indulgent. 

So, when a group like Sleep Millennium comes on the scene with glossy production techniques, a focused marketing strategy and a clear sense of overall ambition, they tend to stand out from the pack. Hell, within the first year of the band’s existence, they had already had a beer from Vagabond brewing branded with their name and managed to curate a successful music festival. It’s no surprise then that Sleep Millennium’s members have been longtime movers and shakers in Salem’s music community. Anyone who’s spent time in “the clubs” will recognize bassist Jarred Venti’s name, easily a contender for hardest working man in the local show biz world. Guitarist Ronan Baker used to wield his axe with Allies of Nowhere and recently played the lead in The Elsinore Theatre’s Rocky Horror Picture show. Principal songwriter Josh Schroeder put in his time with Peat Moss Band and EXROYALE and new drummer David Aizuss teaches at Rivercity Rock Star Academy.

The band’s new single and accompanying video, “It Matters what you Say” proves that there is real substance behind Sleep Millennium’s determined approach. The song propels along under a bed of drum machine and washy synthesizers. The reverb soaked guitars and lilting vocal lines bring to mind Neo psychedelic rock acts like Tame Impala or M83; not a sound that’s mined very heavily in Salem despite the genre’s relative popularity. It’s an ear worm of track that offers new sonic treats with each listen, and a very promising sign of the band’s future.

If you’re interested in seeing Sleep Millennium on stage any time soon, you’re out of luck as the band tends to make their performances a special occasion and doesn’t have anything on the books till after the new year. Until then, you can get your fix with the new single which dropped online on November 9th, and the flashback inducing music video which is also available now. You can check out both, as well as their previous full length “Let Us Begin the Future” at

And don’t miss their listening party, December 12th on The Moon 105.5FM. To attend, all you have to do is tune your dial to 105.5 FM The Moon in Salem, OR. Or online anywhere in the world at  Sleep Millennium will be in the studio at The Moon FM, hanging out with Sean Mulrooney, and will be officially debuting their new song “Christmas on the Moon” on, well, The Moon. 

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