Aldo Calrissian

As a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, composer and producer of many types of music and art, finding a place to pin Aldo Calrissian down can be difficult. He has been involved with projects spanning many genres over the last decade in Salem, OR.

Beginning in 2005, Aldo played indie solo acoustic sets at places like The Coffeehouse Cafe and The Sip, then delved into more progressive and hard rocking shows while drumming with Mitch Duafa as Breviamor at venues like The Space. A decade later, Aldo would start experimenting with electronic music and live improvisation with loops. Now, a multitude of projects have sprouted out of the collaborations between him and various people in the city of Salem.

Current projects include doing vocals for the Progressive Rock of Dusks Embrace (, to drumming and singing to the Indie Garage sound of The Paintings (IG:, and even occasionally joining some of Salem’s best to cover bands like The Mars Volta, Radiohead and Alice In Chains.

Though often entwined in collaboration, Aldo has been releasing solo material all the while, making his own samples and blurring the lines between avant garde, pop, rock, industrial, trip hop, ambient, house, beatbox, psychedelic and electronic sounds to create a unique blend of genre defying music.

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