Chance Wiesner

From his bio: “Much like Wiesner’s efforts in his band Nodding Tree RemediesTakin’ a Chance on Love is possessed of hummable melodic arcs, freak-folk aesthetics, and seeming throw-away lyrics that on repeat listens reveal deeper authorial angles. Tracks flow stylistically, yet all the while hang on a central theme that runs the length of the album, giving Takin’ a Chance on Love a strong sense of cohesion. Opening up with the evocative, tongue-in-cheek chamber pop storytelling of ‘Malibu,’ the record winds its way through a menagerie of different unique vantage points, such as the Skip Spence-meets-Ennio Morricone desert weariness of ‘Wandering One,’ the country dust stains of ‘Critter Sister,’ the interlocking island keys and bassline of ‘Messed It Up With My Little Honey,’ the upbeat 60’s psych and lyrical inanity of ‘Mosquito Thirsty,’ and the down-tempo feel and simple flute lines of ‘How’s The Dog?'”  ~ Reed Burnam

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