Pitch Black Mass

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Pitch Black Mass is a four piece heavy rock/metal band based out of Salem, Oregon. Members Junior Tanguma (guitar) and Jonathon Zero (vocals) spent two years searching for the perfect rythm section, and meanwhile, cultivating a dark sound that would eventually become the bands calling card. Tony Mata (drums) came highly recommended by many musicians around the Salem area, however, at the time he was a drumming for both a thrash metal band as well as a cover band, so once he became available Junior contacted him to see if there was any interest. There was. After an initial jam, Tony brought in Gordon Stacy (bass), also from the cover band. The spark was immediate. From there they fine tuned the songs Junior and Jonathon already had, as well as writing brand new material. Pitch Black Mass is determined to deliver refreshing and unique take on heavy music. Hauntingly somber guitar tones and distorted grooves that will dive town to the pits of darkness. The ground swelling rumble of bass guitar and the precise, calculated attack from the drums. Vocals that will lull you in, then rip you into a devastatingly hellish world. There’s no telling where a Pitch Black Mass song might take you. Always striving to put on an engaging live performance they will use every tool in their arsenal to take you out of your ordinary world, and into the depths of the pitch black. Where horrors become hymns, where those who walk alone are one solitary mass. A Pitch Black Mass.”

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