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If you were to consider the local music scene a fundraiser, Jon Fro would be a sustaining member. If it were a baseball team, he’d be a utility player. A hardware store? Leatherman. I’m running out of metaphors. I hope the ones I chose were helpful in conveying that Jon Fro is a solid, multifunctional, and generous local talent. Most folks  in town might associate him with his regular Acoustic Showcases, where he shares the stage with other singer/songwriters that he admires. But hip hop has also been a big part of his musical upbringing.

“I was heavily influenced by both rap and rock in my early teens. I’ve always thought of rock music as my first love and hip hop to be my second love or rock to be my main dish (steak) and rap to be my side dish (potatoes).” Jon hasn’t abandoned either musical direction over the years, and has steadily kept working on both, “I think switching between genres gives a fresh perspective and helps to keep the ideas flowing.”  He runs a production studio called Room Four, where he specializes in, “audio engineering, production, artist consulting and promotions.” But he also produces his own beats and instrumentals, as well as working with hip hop talent around the valley.

Which brings us to Room Four Presents, on Saturday, March 9th at The Triangle. Jon’s Room Four studio will be hosting the event. Jon says there will be, “DJ Galactic, MG 500 and DRETHEMC will all be coming down from Portland to rock a set. Salem’s own DJ Swone will be the house DJ for the night and one of my local favorites Mob Royalle will also be performing. Jonezy Artwork is going to be in the house as well creating live art while all the music is going on. Robotic Torres will also perform. He is a human Beatboxer.”

Jon will also be performing some live beats and instrumentals.

The show starts at 8:30pm and there is no cover. But it’s totally cool, supportive, and appreciated if you throw some cash in the jar. Musicians are underpaid as heck. And we all love music. So, prove it.

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