Alien Recon

“Alien Recon is a Hard Rocking Melodic Metal band with an Alien Twist. Alien Recon is a heavy, high energy, fun to watch live act that is based loosely on the Sci-fi Metal scene. This band is hard driving on a sonic level, musically interesting with great Vocals. All of the members of Alien Recon Love the Live Music scene and enjoy Chatting with most everyone they meet. The Band consists of Wendy Parker, Davy Nixx, Ken Hasel and Rod Hasel, all of which enjoy working together to make the best Music possible, always trying to forge the right combination. Alien Recon seems to have found that Right combination of all the elements. The songs are good and have meaningful lyrics. The live shows has energy and seems to connect. For Alien Recon, it’s all about doing the very best at everything they do and enjoying every minute of it!”

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