Yaquina Bay

Yaquina Bay (yuh–kwin–uh bay) is a chamber rock band from NW Oregon. The six-piece group joins elements of pop and post-rock to create a sound which is both untamed and thoughtfully arranged. Tight grooves carry intimate vocal passages, and are often juxtaposed with wild, overdriven guitars and soaring violins.
Their newest work is a self-titled EP which explores the places of the heart and mind where a lot of us fear to go. On the heels of life-altering circumstance, frontman Christopher Ward speaks of isolation and acceptance, noise and peace, unraveling relationships, God, and life afterward.
A tightly-knit band of friends as earnest as they are endearing, Yaquina Bay is akin to the calm before the storm, and the storm itself.
Yaquina Bay is Chris Ward, Shawn Thornhill, Alana Fouts, Michelle Reed, Kendra Schmal, and Jacob Marsh.
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